We offer pen tests for 750 euros per day remote until June 30th, 2024

Tsolkas IT Services offers pentesters at 750 euros per day remote. Our pentests are carried out according to the OSSTMM, OWASP NIST, PTES and ISSAF standards. All 48 pentesters are sufficiently certified, a proper contractual framework takes into account confidentiality and integrity, as well as the GDPR. We only offer our pentests throughout the EU. Whether network, application, secure coding, automotive electronics, microcontroller or hardware, we have the right people for everything.


M2I introduces industrial OT sensors for their SOC OSCAR.
OSCAR’s © Industrial OT sensor xSensusTM, a multisensor fusion AI for everything that rotates, with AI built on the chip. The sensors have a self-diagnosis function, a communication module, an AI chip, SIM card slot and SD card slot. All sensors are self-learning sensors; no supervised training models were used. In doing so, we make the SOC, which was always only accessible to the IT security department, accessible to business, and were the first to coin the term business security in the SOC.