Digital transformation consulting OT

Digital transformation consulting OT

We take your company to the next level of digitalization and help you to master the digital transformation of your company successfully and, above all, safely.

Whether digital strategy, organization, methods, processes or technologies, we support you in all topics and, at the same time, monitor the current development of key technologies. Since we offer research as a service, we also use this methodology internally when there is a break-even between two or more key technologies and we are asked which will prevail?

We have mastered digitalization projects that had to be completely thought through, such as NeuPro and the security architectures of the digital control centers and digital signal boxes in the rail network of Deutsche Bahn.

When it comes to digitalization consulting, security is one of our biggest concerns after providing functionality. That’s why we have partners in OT sensor production and integrate various sensors for various industries into the security concept or SOC, and have thus created the new term called “Business Security”. SOC and business, there is currently still a hard separation between the two tasks. We have managed to pass security into the business with appropriate sensors and make it understandable there. So the SOC is directly for use to the business.

  • Automotive, high bay warehouse and automatic material control
  • Banking, core banking systems as well as ATMs
  • Energy, Power supply grids , S5, S7, SCADA, security and operational concepts for power plant control as well as for energy trading
  • Logistics, digital supply-chain
  • Rail, security architecture for NeuPro and Eulynx under consideration of 7,5 million OT sensors (in Germany only)