Research and Analysis

Research and Analysis

We carry out research assignments exclusively in the areas of corporate security, information security, (IT) risk management and data protection. We are completely independent in research.

Our services in research are

Adhoc research – (only for customers with a framework agreement). Do you have an urgent research request? One call is enough and we will start processing your order on the same day.

Targeted research assignment – ​​scope and deliverable are coordinated and specified in a short offer. The research order is scheduled and processed.

Marketing Support – Your product or service needs a little boost, do you want more market presence in advertising? Through targeted webcasts, placing articles in magazines (e.g. SecTank), creating professional white papers and videos, and posting on important websites, we put your products or services in the right spotlight.

Product and service testing – Do you have a great product or service? Are you sure that you are better than the competitors, or at least as good? We thoroughly test products and services that fall into our subject areas, compare them with the top 5 or top 10 on the market, and rank your product. Our tests are real tests in the lab and not only paper analysis. You then decide whether you want to publish it or whether you need direct marketing support.

Our services extend around the globe. However, we do not work with large research companies, but have capable local partners on 5 continents.

Research can become an expensive affair for a company or its marketing department. We offer framework contracts for companies. We can only offer ad hoc research for companies with a framework agreement.